How to Join Janasena party

Pawan Kalyan popularly known as Power star has charisma and craze in Telugu speaking states turned himself to be a Politician. After great failure of Prajarajyam party of Chiranjeevi Pawan Kalyan has registered Jana Sena on 14 March 2014. The real sense and meaning of Jana Sena means People’s Army. The motto of the party is to Question and Fight for the Rights of each and every Common Person.

Pawan Kalyan campaigned for the TDP and BJP supporting their alliance in 2014 elections and has become king maker in the elections. Later disappointed with performance of BJP-TDP governments in central and state respectively with regard to Andhra Pradesh special status, Pawan Kalyan decided to get into fight with BJP and TDP to question their inefficiency and recklessness in handling the key issue Pawan Kalyan registered the party.

You can register in Janasena Party here at :

Significance of emblem :
Janasena Party Emblem is a combination of forces that define our nation’s life and struggle.

The white background:
The white background on which it stands signifies the peace and stability of several thousands of years of Indian civilization and culture.

The colour Red:
The Emblem itself is in the colour red, which signifies revolution. A deep and true change from within ; the story of that change is told on the background of our glorious nation.

The six-pointed Star:
The star in the Emblem is a six pointed star that signifies the ideals of our party. The white in the star signifies self-luminosity unto the righteous path.

The dot in the centre:
The dot in the centre represents the soul of every being.The true reality and ultimate truth. The soul at the centre is also at the heart of everything we do as individuals and as a nation.

The black lining:
The black lining on the emblem symbolises the balance between revolutionary zeal and its opposing forces to avoid one-sidedness and discordance.

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