Rajahmundry Godavari flooded wit devotees

lard shiva

Rajahmundry #puskaraghat is full with devotees today due to Kartika masam second Monday.  Lord shiva devotees has completed their holy both in Godavari and worship the Lord shiva with precious lights leave in the Godavari river. After Abhisekham, Darshan in Shiva temple so many devotes warship the Lard shiva in their house through Kartika Somavaram vraratham.  Kartika Somavaram vraratham custom which is follow the devotes from their grand parents as a precious one.   All Pancharamas also full with devotees.  In this month whole Indian hindu people are directly indirectly worship the Lard shiva for the peaceful life. Ahead of Godavari Pushkaralu Coming in 2015 Godavari is a very auspicious river to take bath.

#KartheekaPooja #KartheekaPaurnami #KatheekaSomavaram #GodavariPushkaralu2015

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