1 cup kandipappu(toor daal)
Big lemon size tamarind(soak in water)
salt for taste

2 small egg plants(brinjal)
4 okras
1 medium onion
1 drumstick(mulakkada)

1 tomato(cut into pieces)
pinch of turmaric powder

4 red chillies
1 1/2 sp.dhaniyalu(coriander seeds)
1 ts.cumin
1/2 pepper
6-8 pieces of garlic(cloves)
2″ coconut piece
1″ ginger
1 ts.rice

1 tbls.oil
2 red chillies
1 ts.mustard seeds
1/2 ts.cumin
1/2 mentilu(fenugreek seed/menthi)
pinch of hing

Cook kandipappu(Toor daal)with three cups of water. Once it is cooked take it out and keep aside till it cools down.
Make it paste.

Fry red chillies,dhaniyalu, (coriander seeds)cumin,black pepper and rice without oil and grind like a paste along with ginger piece,coconut and garlic. Keep aside.

cut 1 1/2″ size pieces of egg plant,okra,drum stick and onion and cook. Once it is done,add the toor daal paste along with tamarind water. Cook 5 minutes. Add masala paste, salt,turmaric powder.Add tomato pieces. Let it boil 5 more minutes. Take it out.

Take a frying ladle, heat on a low flame.Pour oil and fry all the popu items. Once mustard seeds splitters, add hing and dip the ladle into the soup bowl.

Mouthwatering sambar is ready to eat. Goes well with hot rice. Goes well with idlies and dosas too.

Other Information:

Qty: 6-8 servings
Storage Time & Location: stays 2 days if refrigerated
Category: Soups – Vegitarian

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