Red Pumpkin Soup

Red Pumpkin SoupRed Pumpkin SoupIngredients:

250 gms Red Pumpkin
1 Small Potato
1 Medium Onion(chop lengthwise)
1 clove Garlic(finely chopped)
1Tbsp Butter
1 Cup Milk,
A pinch Ground nutmeg,(Optional)
Black Pepper(Freshly ground)
Salt to taste


Wash, remove the seeds and skin from the Pumpkin, and chopp into small cubes.
Wash the potato and cook it separately with the pumpkin cubes in a pressure cooker. Remove the skin of the cooked potato and chop it into cubes.
Heat ghee in a pan and add garlic, fry for a minute on a low flame.
Then add the chopped onion, fry till light brown.
then add the cooked pumpkin and potato cubes, fry for 2 minutes.Turn off the flame and remove all the fried mixture from the pan and put it in a blender and grind to a fine paste.
Turn on the flame and heat pan and add ground paste. to the pan, add some water, salt, pepper.Bring it to boil,
then add cold milk and allow it to boil for 5 mins on low flame.Turn off the heat.
Serve hot in a bowl,garnish with finely chopped green salad or bread crumbs.

Other Information:

Qty: 4 – 6 Serves
Storage Time & Location: Serve Hot
Category: Soups – Vegitarian

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