Majjiga Pulusu

Majjiga pulusuIngredients:

3 cups sour butter milk
1 small bunch of bachchali/spinach
2 small egg plants
4 Okras
small piece of anapakaya
1 tomato
dash of turmaric powder
salt for taste

for paste:

1 tbls.chana daal
1 tbls.mustard seeds
1 ts.rice
a small piece of coconut
4 red chillies


1 red chilli
1 ts.mustard seeds
1/2 menthi
1/2 cumin
few curry leaves


Cut all the vegetables into small pieces and cook on a low flame for 10-12 minutes except tomatoes

Grind the paste items into smooth paste, mix well into the buttermilk. Add salt, turmaric powder to it

Pour the butter milk mixture into the cooked vegetables. Add tomato pieces. Cook for 5 minutes. Turn off the stove

Take a frying soup ladle, put on a low flame fry the popu items in oil and dip into the soup.Butter milk soup is ready to eat. Goes with hot rice. Kandipappu annam to nanchuku tinte chala baguntundi.

Note: Add some coriander leaves before taking off the stove

Other Information:

Qty: 6-8 servings
Storage Time & Location: stays 2 days if refrigerated
Category: Soups – Vegitarian

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