Hot and sour soup

Hot and sour


chilli sauce – 2tbsp
corn starch -1 1/2 tbsp
soy sauce -1 tbsp
vinegar(white)-2 tbsp
capsicum chop’d-2 tbsp
spring onion chop’d-2tbsp
tomato sauce -2 tbsp
carrots chop’d-2 tbsp
cabbage chop’d-1/4 cup
B.pepper powder-1 tsp
finely chopped green chillies-1tsp(optional)
sugar- 1/2 tsp
ajinomoto – a pinch
paneer/tofu – 1/2 cup
water 4 cups
salt to taste


Mix 4 cups water,chilli sauce,soy sauce,vinegar,sugar,salt,pepper,ajinomoto and bring it to a boil.
Add all the veggies to the above mixture except paneer/tofu.
Cook for a minute on medium heat.
Dissolve corn starch in 1/2 cup water and add it to the soup.
Stir constantly till the soup becomes thick.
Add paneer/tofu before removing from fire and cook for a minute.
Serve hot,garnishing with mint and fried bread pieces.

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Qty: 4 servings
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