Andhra Pradesh Government Starts Governance from Amaravathi Today

  • Administration from Own State from Today
  • Thousands of employees and files to Amaravati
  • VELAGAPUDI has been completed as the Secretariat to the people ..
  • Chief Minister Chamber to be inaugurated on Dussera Festival
  • Construction Completed with in 6 months Duration
  • Building have been built to sustain any kind of Natural Calamity like HudHud

Chief Minister Sri. N.Chandra Babu Naidu dream of Governing the state affairs from the own state has come true. All set for the Capital City administrative buildings / Secretariat at Amaravathi. New Office to start its complete operations from Monday. Instructions have been given to shift the staff, files and furniture to new Secretariat from Hyderabad and the shifting process is almost done. Velagapudi region of Amaravathi is now set to start of its operation with  New Office to serve the people of Raise State Andhra Pradesh. This can be considered as the first step in building dream state of our CM “Navya Andhra” and its “Navyaandhra Niramanam” Right from Principal Secretary to all levels of Administrative employees will start working from this office from Dusserah.

Structure of Secretariat and Offices Details
One block in the first floor of the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and offices employs. Ground floor for the General Administration, the Justice Department, the departments are ready. Two, three, four, five blocks of 19 ministers, 48 secretaries and employees of the Secretariat. For the Convenience of the employees Transportation facility has been provided from Vijayawada, Guntur, particularly from the cities of Metro bus service runs.

Three-Tire Security at Secretariat
VELAGAPUDI Secretariat to be three-tier security. Special protection Force is organizing a 24-hour security. After the entrance of the courtyard People are allowed only after Police Checks into Secretariat . Identity card to be allowed to be injected. Secretariat to reflect the occurrence of any small event with about 50 CC cameras have been set up in each block. All Cameras of Close Circuit CC are connected to Building Management System. Chairman of the pet food as part of the construction of the assembly building at the Secretariat on Monday, Srinivasa, deputy chairman of the council is to visit buddhaprasad.



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