Sperm Donors Website Launch

  • Mobile App for sperm banking
  • For the first time in the world …
  • Male sperm donor of can be found by searching online by women

sperm-donors-requiredWomen can become pregnant with the help of sperm donors through this new mobile app, especially in London, a doctor of Indian origin Dr Kamal Ahuja in the UK set up a sperm bank, the women of their choice with the help of this app can choose Sperm Donors online. In the wake of all the things that are made online to donate sperm of men to women in their process of becoming mother, choosing with the help of this app thats first in the world, said Dr Kamal. The future father of their child, it is possible to choose sperm banking app London. Six feet in height, good hair, big eyes, pretty good read personality male sperm donors to higher education for women can be selected easily with this app. The sperm donors gets 950 pounds through this app by the Women who gets pregnant Dr Kamal said. Online mobile app of their choice to select sperm donors to women in the UK have allowed the Human Embryology Authority said Dr. Kamal. This would be good for the children’s birth, he said.



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