Do you follow this rules?

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  1. Drink minimum five liters of water per day but not at food time
  2. Sleep minimum 6 to 8 hours per day
  3. Keep minimum exercise in the morning through running, walking, playing
  4. Always eat fresh food not junk food
  5. Always follow the good rules at your job
  6. Maintain the yoga minimum one hour per day
  7. Be care full at yourself and take care when you travelling
  8. Help others if they are in very needy
  9. Be sincere at your works
  10. Be patient, don’t loose your patient.
  11. Time pass with good friends at evening time
  12. Time is more than gold don’t lose it vastly
  13. Follow time table and reach your goals
  14. Any problem smaller than you. Try for solve it, don’t bend before that.

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